Rock That Art by Susan Tobia


Turn Your Child's Art Into an Heirloom


Rock That Spirit!

Never forget what they were like when they were young.  Turn a piece of your childs art into a one of a kind art piece that will stay with your family forever. What piece of art could be more meaningful than one originating from your child?

Create an art piece that is not only a beautiful addition to your interior space but that embodies the spirit and imagination of your little one(s). Perfect for any room in your home. Explore this very personal creation for your family. 

Own it forever...

Pass it down to the generations...

Create a family heirloom.


Albert Einstein

"Imagination is more important than knowledge".


Rock That Imagination!


Rock That Gift!

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

A perfect holiday gift, your child's Rocked Art is the gift that will be cherished for years and passed down to generations.  

A perfect gift for:

  • The Grandparents

  • Mother's Day

  • Father's Day

  • Christmas Gifts

Order soon for the holidays!

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